Satori (2022, 4:27)

This film is a celebration of flow, connecting two disparate art forms which are rock climbing and jazz to create an improvised performance.

In these moments, where time ceases to exist, we find ourselves in a state of serene focus; a sort of deep presence unlike any other. Once we learn to live purely for the moment, a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe is found. This, is Satori.

Runner-up for Short Documentary in Festival Of the Moving Image

Selected screening at FACT's Cinema in the City

Selected for One Take Film Festival

Climber: Hamish McArthur
Director, Producer, Editor: Chloe Tam
Director of Photography: George Glenny
Sound Engineer: Cameron Smith
Drums: Sam Nicholls
Saxophone: George Mooney
Keyboard: Rob Dimbleby

Shot at Last Sun Dance

Supported by Arc'teryx

Distributed by Arc'teryx Academy